Made With By A Dance Studio Owner

Slate It was created by a dance studio owner & web developer who just wanted something simple - without paying exorbitant fees for a point of sale system and unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our Story

Kim is the owner of a dance studio in Morristown, NJ. She created Slate It as an inexpensive solution to effectively manage her studio.

When she first opened her studio in 2009, Kim, like many new businesses, manually kept track of everything using good old fashioned pen and paper. As her business started growing, she realized that she needed a better way to manage her business, especially student information, class attendance and payroll. After researching every available option, she was frustrated to discover that management software with all the features she needed is very expensive. Luckily, Kim is also a web developer and was able to build one herself. This is how the first web application was born!

The first version was very simple... on the front end, it was just an online attendance sheet. On the back end, she could run a report to find out the number of students per class had and was able to automate payroll by displaying the amount each instructor should be paid.

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How We Evolved

Over the years, Kim kept adding more features to the system, until one day it had evolved into some serious competition for the big scheduling services out there! Features include a dashboard that showed class and attendance statistics at a glance, fully automated 1-click payroll reports and digital waivers that students can use a touchscreen to sign. She also built member login areas for instructors and students. Instructors can check on their own attendance records and see how they are performing. Students can reserve spots in upcoming classes. In 2015, she started to migrate the system to bigger & better servers and modified the code base so that other studios could use it.

Determined to share this with the world, she needed someone to help promote her application. She recruited Sandra to be in charge of marketing.

Focus On Growing Your Business, Not Working In It

Kim & Sandra would like to invite you to try Slate It for FREE as we beta test. We'd love for you to be a part of our evolution and, in the process, save some time and money. Help us help YOU and other businesses simplify their scheduling needs.

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